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When I fitted my new Maxxis Ceros's to my Outlander I noticed that the side wall of the tyre came very close to the tie rod end. Although it cleared, every now and then it touched the joint and started to mark the alloy part of the joint.
So I took some measurements of what I needed and got some spacers laser cut out of steel.
I had them made out of 5mm steel.

Bicycle part Font Circle Electric blue Auto part

Font Triangle Parallel Auto part Circle

They fitted perfectly without any drilling or filing. There is plenty of length left in the wheel studs with a 5mm spacer.

So if you would like to get some spacers cut for yourself, just PM me and I'll send you a CAD file of the spacer and please make sure you include your email address.
You should first find out what file type your local laser cutting shop needs to work with. The most common file types that are used are DWG and DXF, but I can supply others.
I made these to suit an 08 Outlander, so double check your own machine against the drawing before you get anything cut.
I'm not interested in getting spacers cut for people. I'm just making it easier for people to get their own made locally. :beerchug1:


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Hey Ozy,
The set you made for me went straight on "perfect", thanks. So they'r good for 2011 models.
I'm running 28x10x12 ITP Mud lite on the front, clearance is fine.
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