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What do you do for a living??

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I remember this thread being pretty popular on dootalk so lets give it a try... just give your job title and a brief explanation of what you do.. its pretty interesting to see what our fellow riders do, and gives young riders like me another way to open their eyes to the many different jobs out there that i might not even know about yet.. im in that time in my life where im finishing up my associates in criminal justice and am also taking a landscaping and motorcycle repair technician course and trying to decide whether i should get a job at a local pd or maybe get a 4 year degree... im currently employed at a wal mart distribution center in johnstown, ny and dont get me wrong it pays good for being in college, but defiantely is not a career option for me..

lets see here em!!

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IT Architectural Visualization Rendering and Planning manager for the Credit division of Deere and Company.
  • Tell a story about your job.
  • Talk about what you do to help people.
  • Make it relatable.
  • Skip the mind-numbing details.
  • Focus on why you're passionate about the job.
  • Promote yourself.
  • Discuss your journey.
141 - 141 of 141 Posts