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yes I have to admit... the rage 6 is a h*rny

the one way is way smaller and will make a big big difference if you ask me.... yes the cost Is up there for a stm rage 6 and yes other clutches do work well ... it all depends on the application you want it for... but to elaborate on McGrams comment...

stock clutches are flawed just by design... the 2 sheeves are not locked together... threrefore many have issuies of belt slippage and not grabbing the belt nice and hard... clutch kits are not that effective at all and I would save my money and put it towards a compete primary and secondary.... results are so much better then a kit produces...

a stock 800 or a 1000 will shiftout at about 6600 - 6800 rpm ... and stock clutching can not be tuned even close to a full aftermarket one... now a stock 800 or 1000 is making peak power at about 7300-7400 rpm and that's where your losing hidden power of your motor to transfer the power more effectively to the ground... your losing about 700-800 rpm in shiftout ... two completely stock quads.... one with just clutches and one without will be about 2 full quad lengths ahead of the other machine...

can am has got smart now on the turbo maverick... the new clutch design boosts full lockable sheeves on there primary now... wonder why? and eventually the quads will come this way too... brp is learning and its from the aftermarket... soon there clutches will be fully tunable as aftermarket is right now...
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