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My first upgrade to the XMR was a snow plow. When the wife finally gave me spending authorization, I purchased a full set of Ricochet skid plates. So the next question that popped up was how in the heck do I mount the snow plow with skid plates. Again after some digging in forums, it seems most guys prefer to take off their skids and mount the plow. Well call me lazy! I spoke to Ricochet about mounting a plow over their skids and they indicated it shouldn't be a problem. Turns out they were right but I did learn a thing or two in the process and wanted to share.

First the parts: 2014 Outlander Max XMR

Ricochet skids full skid plate kit (A-arm protectors are not shown in photos)

Alpine Super Duty Quick Attach Push Frame

Alpine Super Duty One Way State Plow 50"

There are three mods needed: Extend and existing oval opening, drill 2 mounting holes and cut the side flares. All of which is performed on the front skid piece only. I did modify the center skid to have access to the plow mounting bracket bolts but I don't think it's really necessary. The cuts to the sides of the flanges are to permit the plow mount to sit flush agains the skid plate / frame.

Lesson 1: I agree with most posts I read, if you can stand the quad up on it's tail it's easier to access. Some suggested using the winch and a tree to get the front end up. However, I didn't have the luxury of doing this given the 1000 lb boat anchor wold have likely pulled down my tree rather than lifting up the front. Also I have a bad case of dropsies and I can only imagine doing this in the yard would have resulted in a treasure hunt of epic proportions.

Lesson 2: I tried to make the cut with hacksaw and #*$%^&$ file, but don't do it :angry2: Get a cheap angle grinder from Harbor Freight or the like if you don't already have one and save yourself some time and frustration.

Lesson 3: If doing this while laying under the quad, gravity still works in case you were wondering. I had the knot on my forehead to prove it from the plow mount. Two people is not necessary but would have helped tremendously.

Lesson4: There is an order of operations and it is frustration if you don't follow.

As for the details, the pics should explain most, but I'll add my two cents. Install the center and rear skid per instructions. Mod the front skid by making the cuts and expanding the oval hole. I basically did a trial and error fit on expanding the hole and just used a round file to wallow it out. Same thing with the flange cutting. It was trial and error and you might not have to cut so much. It's the clearance of the angles and weld points on the mount causing the issue.

Install the mount and mark the remaining two holes. Remove, drill, then begin install of the front skid. I would suggest placing the skid, installing the plow mount then tightening / installing the skid clamps. I've attached a photo of the location of clamps vs plow hardware on the frame to illustrate the issue I encountered. The clamps splayed out the brackets which in turn canted my mounting bolts. This almost caused me to strip the plow mount installation bolts had I not had an ah ha moment. Once you get the mount secured, tighten down the skid clamps and move on to the front bash plate.

As for the bash plate, I drilled the front holes up top via trial and error. I'd suggest using the existing nuts that you have to remove on the bottom vice using the supplied nut and lock washer. They seem to provide a better grip.

The mods are in the first post and I'll up load the after shots in a follow up post.


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