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2016 Can Am Renegade XMR 1000,
Went for a 30mins ride while waiting for the rest of the group to arrive. Met them back at the trailer and had lunch. Headed to wash pit to rinse radiator before next ride bike stumbled and shut off. It would not even try to fire up. Loaded back on the trailer took it home next day cleaned it all up. Noticed the dash/speedo lite up randomly. Started checking fuses etc. replaced the kill switch on handle bar, key switch and found the 5amp ign/injector fuse blown. Replaced fuse. It would fire once or twice and shut off. Replaced the crank pos sensor, engine wiring harness, plugs, wires, tried a diff ign coil and checked fuel pressure it’s fine. Checked spark from plugs and coils send spark and then suddenly stops. Replaced battery as well. Bike sitting still will “reboot”. While trying to start it will fire until everything shuts off and reboots. While starting the voltage will drop to zero. I will double check but with key on and kill switch on the bike voltage will drop to zero…. Hooked up BUDS but it shows every cycling on and the rebooting. Local well known Can Am mechanic said he tried a eco from same year bike and it did the same thing. What would you check or replace next. I’m tired of throwing parts at it.
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