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Rear driveshaft

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Hey guys I got a 2013 rendage 1000 xxc and I ordered a new drive shaft assembly that goes back to the differential and everything lines up and seems fine but the threads for the unjoint connecting to the rear differential seem to be different. The new unjoint has 18 teeth and the original has 20.Very confused as to why since everything else is the same and since I got it through can am, not sure what to do. Thanks
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Can am made that change to the drive shafts a few years ago confusing alot of folks, my guess would be that the splines were to narrow causing them to wear out prematurely, they also got rid of the wear ring on some of them. all the information on them is confusing now for what all is needed for what year machines. i would contact jared puk, Can Am parts guy, he will know what you need for sure and he has great OEM prices. his site has alot of the information in the discription of the parts, ill link it below for ya.

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