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Hi All,

This probably sounds like a somewhat absurd question, but I am curious if others have changed out their plastics, painted them, or vinyl wrapped them?

I have put in an order for two new machines for the spring, one of them being an Outlander Max XT 650 in the blue. Of the available colour choices, I liked it better than camo or green. That said, I do NOT care for the blue, it was simply the better of the three options. I preferred last years colour options. Likewise, I ordered an XT-P 850 in yellow/black, which I much prefer.

I do like the grey colour combo of the Outlander Max DPS, but the dealer already had the Max XT on order so I staked claim. Saves adding the bumpers and winch myself.

I was not even going to bother trying to find a new left over unit (likely next to impossible at this point), nor am I interested in buying used with the current used market prices.

So my question is, what options are available to change out the blue without spending an arm and a leg? Any thoughts or opinions?
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