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Outlander max xt 650 miles

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How many miles do you think I can get out of my outlander 650 max xt? Just light trail riding.
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I have just ticked over 20,000km on my 2013 650 Max XT.
Never had the engine apart.
Never had the gearbox apart.
Never had either diff apart.
Original uni joints in the rear tail shaft still, but I did have to replace the front shaft from a stripped spline.
All CV shafts are still original.
I do however service it regularly and maintain it between service intervals.
I don't ride in bottomless mud, but I do ride alot of steep rocky terrain and high speed gravel tracks.
i have a 2010 Renegade 800xxc that has 10,000 fast trail miles. i have only replaced wheel bearings, tierod ends, ball joints, drive shaft ujoints and a speed sensor. there may have been something else very minor im forgetting but the machines are pretty bullet proof for trail riding. only people that run into major repairs are guys that mud ride and make them into submarines, mud riding gets expensive for all machines.
Wow that's good to hear. Inuave 3500km on one and 800km on the other and was hoping to get 7000 oit of them bit knowing it's possible nato get much more that's nice. I only trail ride no mud.

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