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I own a 2019 Outlander 570 DPS. Lately my quad has been going into high temp/limp home mode. It usually does this if I’m riding trails where there’s some slow going. I noticed that my fan stopped coming on. I had it serviced two months ago, replacing all fluids. I have a few questions , really.
Is there a sensor I can disconnect to allow the fan to run continuously? Is this only a temporary fix? Also, if I had to top up my coolant? Can I pour some in the reservoir? Where is this located? I’m asking because I don’t want to start ripping off unnecessary panels because it’s such a hassle working with these panels. On mine, anyway. Thanks.

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IMO bypassing the coolant sensor and making the fan run all the time will simply destroy the fan. The fan motors are not built to run constantly.
Find the source of the issue and fix that.
Check the fan fuse first. The fuse box is under the speedo pod.
Next check the fan relay. It's in the same fuse box.
Grab yourself a test light and check to see if the relay has power when the bike is powered up. Pull the fan relay and look at the under side of the relay. Each pin has a number next to it.
Pin # 30 should have power and is supplied by the fuse. The relays can be inserted 180° so also check the diagonally opposite connection.
Pin # 87 goes to the fan. If you bridge #30 and #87, the fan should run. If it doesn't you possibly have a burnt out fan motor.
Next supply 12v and earth across pins #85 and #86 of the relay itself. Does it click? If not, replace the relay. If it clicks, check continuity across #30 and #87 with a multi meter when the relay is powered.
If the relay checks out, then you have a deeper issue and I won't explain that now.
I'd also make sure that the radiator core is totally free of mud and debris.
If you need to add coolant, you add it to the resivoir, which is under the speedo pod also. If you need to constantly add coolant, then find where the leak is.
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