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January 5, 2020

From the GNWR Secretary

HB 683 has been amended, but it still has many bad provisions..

It is URGENT you contact your Representative TODAY to VOTE NO on HB 683.

The point to focus on when calling or emailing is that this bill is unnecessary and would hurt OHRV riding, especially in the North Country

Find your Representative and call or email to stop this legislation before it stops US!

Search your House Representative's by name or location at

Just a few points:

It makes it much easier for anti-folks to stop new trails meant to address hot spots and prevent the reauthorization of existing trails and connectors.


It removes the current exemption that Coos and Grafton counties have from a long list of requirements that make it difficult to authorize and reauthorize trial connector use. If that exemption is removed, it will make it more difficult for clubs to move trails and address hot spots. The legislature granted the two counties the exemption due to economics and the unique situations those counties are in. It would hurt both counties to remove the exemption.

The bill establishes a 17-point checklist of criteria that new trails or reauthorization of old ones would have to meet before approval.

It allows any abutter (and abutter is not well-defined) to petition to close any "section" of trail - meaning they could close a section smack dab in the middle of a trail, thus cutting off the trail. No sense at all.

It directs that riders who get cited for speed violations get cited under the motor vehicle code, not the current Fish & Game administrative fines provisions. That will cause confusion and will likely be opposed by a number of agencies.

The bill pre-empts and, in some cases, completely takes away local control from towns by establishing state-mandated requirements.

Example: Public hearings on authorizations, reauthorizations or closures of certain roads and trial connectors be held ONLY between May 1 and September 30. This directly conflicts with Town Meeting schedules and pre-empts local control.

The full House will vote on the bill when they meet in session in January.

We need people to act NOW if we are going to stop this bill!

Thank you,

Great North Woods Riders

[email protected]

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Hello NHOHVA Member,

THANK YOU to the many NHOHVA Members who contacted your NH Representatives, HB 683 has been Tabled. This means it is out of circulation, at least for the short term and likely for the rest of the year. It can be brought off the Table, but it will take a majority vote to take it off, and a 2/3 vote to pass it. High hurdles. Then it would have to go to the Senate.

We call it a win thanks to a great effort by all!

Unfortunately, it is only one of 15+ pieces of legislation presented during the 2020 session. NHOHVA will be watching all of these and may, from time to time, call upon you again to contact your Senator or your House Representative(s). Depending on where the bill has originated or where in the process it is being heard. There also may be times you will be asked to email the specific Committee that is hearing a bill. NHOHVA will do our best to give the links to find the Legislator(s) you need to contact along with the Bill language at that time.

In order to keep the Recreation of OHRV'ing alive in NH everyone needs to stay informed and stay involved.

NHOHVA works with state and government entities for trail access, Law Enforcement, and trail maintenance funding. The Association also maintains the Club Membership Program for all the clubs in NH and helps educate young riders by providing the Youth ATV simulator for clubs to use at various events across the state.

Thank you for being a valued NHOHVA Club member in 2019 and remember, it's time to RENEW for 2020 to be up to date for the coming season if you haven't already!

Go to and join a club or two!

Donations can also be made to specific clubs or directly to NHOHVA
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