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I just ordered these factory heated grips

They indicate that you need this wiring harness

Here is the description:

LED dimmer facilitates reading temperature settings. 4 temperature settings with individual controls for thumb and grips. Returns to previous heat setting. One-touch shutdown. Wiring Cable (710004567) required for installation on G2 and G2L. Not compatible with Intelligent Throttle Control (ITC). Heated Grip Controls Relocation Bracket (715007619) is required for installation on European and G2L XU models.

But I read comments where people said that this harness is not needed.

I just ordered the wiring harness just in case and can send it back as I ordered it from Amazon.

Has anyone installed these and do you know for sure if the wiring harness is needed? I am planning on a ride this upcoming Sunday and the heated grips will be in on Friday but the wiring harness will not be in until Monday (so much for Amazon's 2 day delivery any more) and I don't want to tear apart the quad and find out that I do need this harness.

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