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I have a ds250 has spark won’t start thought carb issue , cleaned 3 times

question on valves stuck or timing offf

any tips
Did you resolve your issue?

I Just purchased a 2012 ds250, started and ran when I picked it up, felt good and strong when I took it for a ride. Got it home and wont start for me. I did find the choke cable was stuck an hanging in mid choke, so I looked at carb and it is probably as clean as new. I can almost get it to fire, but nothing.

Seems like engine may be getting flooded at start-up. I looked at the fuel air mixture and it seems to be capped off, not sure If I can get that removed and reset.

I'm in Wisconsin and it has been below 30 degree F since I picked it up.

Thanks, Will
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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