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Just throwing this out there to see if anyone else has experienced this chirping like sound coming from what I thought was the clutch/belt on my 2022 Can-am outlander XTP max, if I could accurately describe it I would say it sounds just like a rickety old golf cart when you take off from a stand still, it’s been to the local dealer a few times to where they polished up the clutch, changed the one way bearing and put a new belt on, went back again and they found the clutch sliders were too tight or something like that. I’ve also found by accident that the sound did go away once when I stood up off the seat, not sure if that was a coincidence though or not, my other ATV’S didn’t do it including my 2021 xt 850, the dealer hasn’t given up on it but they have literally gone over everything, your input is greatly appreciated guys, thanks!

The machine has 680 kms on it
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