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Changing Brake sensor Switch 2015 outlander 800

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Have a 2015 CanAm 800 outlander XT Max Need to change the brake sensor switch . I can’t find anything on Yutube
Any suggestions? We have the part can’t find it’s location
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it runs off the break master cylinder which is attached to the front lower frame rail on the left side "inbetween the front diff and CVT housing". by looking at the schematic its a little farther back potentially.
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Sorry 25th but being a 2015 model it should be a G2 machine.
The brake switch is on the rear brake Master cylinder that the rear brake pedal is mounted to. R/H side of bike.
Number 40 in the picture.

White Line Font Auto part Parallel

You can change it without having to remove the foot board.
The switch bolts through the rear brake hose, so make sure you replace both the copper washers (#46) also.
I have changed out a few and find that you really should bleed the rear brakes after you change the switch also.
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Thanks for clarifying Ozzy, i looked at the microfishe and couldn't tell what side it was on, just figure it was in the same location as the G1s. I have only worked on a few G2s most of my work i do is still on G1s.
Ha Ha. Microfiche.
Love it!
We're showing our age now.😄
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