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hello everyone I have 2020 can am x3 xrc turbo RR. The problem is in the past days out of nowhere the car would struggle to get out of any gear when on and the secondary would spin on idle. The clutches are all stock. At first I would read and forums and I found out that the one-way bearing is normally the problem so I bought some isoflex cleaned it and regressed it. I changed the washers because they had marks on it. I reinstalled and still the same problem. My brother has a 2019 xrs so I took the primary off and after testing it turned out to be the primary spring retainer that was stuck and not repositioning. I took it off and cleaned it. On my bothers the retainer comes off amd goes on without any effort. So I tried to put his in mine and it would need to be forced in. And mine would go easy on his. Upon further testing it turns out the pad that is on my primary is too thick and gripping to much i figured I would just change the lart but I cannot find it anywhere I even on the part list of can am. What would you guys advice. Should I send it down alittle or do I need to replace the entire primary outer half assy's

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