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Brand new outlander 850 water pump weep

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I purchased a brand new outlander 850 couple weeks ago. has about 200kms on it. Noticed a dollar size puddle under it when I went out to my shop. I got looking and noticed antifreeze in my weep hole line and it must have dropped out a bit overnight. Took it to the dealer to look at. They had 4 brand new outlanders on the floor and all of them have coolant in the weep hole line. Wondering why this is I always thought it was an indication of a bad seal? So why are all of these brand new bikes like this.
dealer could t give an answer and said there was nothing wrong with mine. I can watch it drip down my line when it’s warming up. What are everybody’s thoughts cause I’m all out of them? Is anybody noticing this also?
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Usually they get better with a few hours on them. If it gets worse then it needs fixed.

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Good to know. Ill keep an eye on it for the 6 month warranty
I agree with CArancher, some times the seals just need a few hot cycles to seal all the way. Also in the winter the seals shrink due to the cold so if any seal starts leaking in the winter months i always wait till late spring or summer to address it after a few rides.
Perfect thanks for all the info. I called a different dealer today and they said the same thing. It’s normal to lose small amounts of coolant from the weep hole. Just wanted to make sure it’s a bit of a normal thing
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