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2023 Maverick x3 DS Turbo

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Wondering if anybody might know if I can run 35" Tires with my current setup on a 2023 Maverick X3 DS Turbo 64" without any fender rubbing.

I have Super ATV Sidewinder 1.5" forward offset A-Arms, Super ATV 3" Lift kit, and super ATV 1.5" wheel spacers. Currently have 33" Maxxis Carnivores but would like to go to 35" SuperGrip Canines and do not want any rubbing.

Super ATV says they will clear with everything except the wheel spacers. They say the spacers may cause them to rub. I have had bad experience with Super ATV advise though and trying to avoid getting stuck with a set of tires I can't use.
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