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Intermittent while driving, sometimes dash says check key then dies
Sometimes dies without any display. It's completely cutting power to display and ignition.

Will not start after, with no power even to display when start button is hit.
You could hear relay clicking when start start button is hit, then it wouldn't even click.

Went a week sitting still with no power at all, then when towed it onto trailer it had power and worked perfectly.
Was taking it to get key recorded but i don't feel that's it cause it's working now.

All fuses up top are good. Relays are working now with no corrosion.
All ignition, key, ecm connectors checked and good. Bike has 1000km

Super frustrating. Anyone have this?
Looking for a problem that doesn't exist currently but can't take it out cause don't want to get towed back again.
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