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2021 with 1100 km ( 680 miles ).
had a few issues right out of the box but a good dealer got it resolved

Beware of the front left A-Arm protector as it does not properly protect the NEW locking differential mechanism. Mine was sheared off second ride, which allowed all the oil to escape and water and mud to enter the front diff. destroyed the front diff and had to replace with only 500KM ( 300 miles ) on it. All of which were break in period Kms unit had still not even seen mud holes. Finally after waiting for parts and service I was set to ride my NEW 2021 machine we had lots of rain and trails were finally muddy and wet. However 5 minutes down the trail and at idle the unit turned off suddenly and when I restarted the instrument panel now read PPS FAULT - PRESS OVERRIDE - LIMP HOME.
I never made it home finally died all together. Oh and along the way my clutch started to sound like it was about to explode and rip through the plastic cover. This may be related but I suspect two different issues. At the dealer we did eliminate and battery connection or charging issues.

Very disappointed and frustrated
Has any one had any similar issues? When I took my unit to the shop another 2021 outlander was in for a repair, the clutch had done just what mine sounded like it was about to do...yikes!!!

Ps... my unit has been on the tailer for service almost 1400Km ( 870 miles )and the unit itself has only 1100Km ( 685 miles )
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