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Hey guys,

Recently picked up a 2013 Commander 800 in non-running condition for cheap. I thought it would be a fun winter project trying to get it going, but now am ripping my hair out.

It cranked over ok, and sounded decent, so I started checking spark and fuel. Initially found that the fuel pump was not producing any pressure. Ordered a new pump off the Amazon, got it installed, and tried to start it. It would crank over a few times, seem to come to life, then backfire out the air intake and die.

I suspected the timing was off, so I took the valve covers off and checked everything out. It seemed like it was close but slightly off. This is where it starts getting a little above my head.I adjusted the gear on the front cylinder 180° from where it was. I put it all back together and tried again, this time it seemed like it started but runs rough, as soon as I take my finger off the starter it dies. I then realized it was running on the rear cylinder only. I double checked the timing and thought it looked good. I have swapped between the front and rear cylinder - injectors, spark plugs, spark plug wires. Battery is fully charged. No matter what I tried, the rear cylinder always fires, and the front will not.

I figured I still had a timing problem. After looking things over, I decided to pull the front camshaft, rotate it 180°, and reinstall it. Still no luck. By now I feel like I have tried every possible combination of timing and still can't get it. It still seems like a timing issue but I'm not positive and I'm not sure how to correct it. Part of my confusion is that all the videos, etc, that I can find are for the G1 motors with the single cam gear bolt, and the cam sensor on the front cam gear. Mine is the 3 bolt cam gear and does not have a sensor, so it's throwing me off a little.

I've checked the spark with the plug outside of the cylinder and it sparks strong. When installed, the wire doesn't appear to be arcing or grounding on anything but who knows. I keep going back to timing but I'm just wondering if there is anything else that would cause the front cylinder to not fire.

Any thoughts on how to proceed?
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