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  1. Renegade discussion
    Bike cranks right up every time. Will Rev all the way to 7k rpm in park and neutral. When put into any gear, it loses massive power. Still moves in gear but not like it should. I've exhausted 5 pages of Google search trying to solve this.
  2. Outlander discussion
    Guys, Just bought my first Can-Am a couple months ago and it's having intermittent wiring problems. Thought it was my front box relays, but by moving those around, no indication they are bad. I'll put the key in and most of the time (90%+) I can't get the following to come on: headlights (high...
  3. DS discussion
    Hey everyone, New to the can-am world. I just bought a used Maverick XMR with 1000 miles on it. Seems to work great, tons of power and speed and the engine break works fantastic. There is a bit of a grinding coming from (sounds like) the rear somewhere. Mostly only hear it at low speed...
  4. Outlander discussion
    Hey my can am outlander is making a clunking sound when I decelerate i just replaced my u joints and blew a belt when it started making this sound
  5. Outlander discussion
    Looking to help each other out: I had the trailing arm on my '12 XMR fail on me with low Km's on the machine. Upon further inspection I found that a weld next to the shock support on the trailering arm hadn't penetrated causing a weak spot from factory. I don't ride a lot of mud and constantly...
  6. Outlander discussion
    Hey everyone. I was out putting some km's off trail on the 2011 XMR 800 and had a great day. I must mention that the engine light came on a couple times with a low oil code. I checked it and the oil was overfilled. Not sure why this happened because it didn't smell like gas and was fine before...
  7. ATV Parts
    SOLD: Thought I would try here first. Brand new take-offs. 2016 Renegade XMR shocks. These are still for sale as of 9-27-16 Listed on Ebay or shoot me an offer
  8. ATV Parts
    Rear right fender and rear rack for sale. Minor scratches from crate damage pm for details.
  9. Outlander discussion
    Hey guys I'm looking for some help. I have a 2014 xmr 1000 that's not reading the coolant temp. So my fan doesn't kick in when it's hot causing it to overheat, throwing it into limp mode. I did a scan and the buds says the only active fault was damaged DPS pins or damaged circuit wires. My...
  10. Outlander discussion
    Can someone here PLEASE help me find a front right XMR axle??? I need it very badly. It's crazy how I cannot seem to find one anywhere. Ebay, craigslist, kijiji, nope. Not even available on the oem can-am web page.. I need to find a xmr being parted out, or I need some other miracle. Can some...
  11. Outlander discussion
    Hey guys I'm new to this forum but my story is I owned a 2014 grizzly 700 and had tires rims etc but I sild it because I found it was absolute gutless now I'm wanting to get a outlander because of the v-twin rotax power everyone talks about but I'm debating on what to get I knowni want a xt...
  12. General Can-Am ATV
    Hey there everyone, trying to figure out whats going on with my acs. It pumps up maybe half an inch then depressurizes immediately and does this over and over until I shut off the bike. I forget exactly what it says but it tells me there's a problem with the acs on the dash. I took the fuse out...
  13. Outlander discussion
    My first upgrade to the XMR was a snow plow. When the wife finally gave me spending authorization, I purchased a full set of Ricochet skid plates. So the next question that popped up was how in the heck do I mount the snow plow with skid plates. Again after some digging in forums, it seems...
  14. Outlander discussion
    I looked through the service manual and it wasn't blatantly obvious where these things are located. I also used my Google Foo against numerous forums which helped but my focus was lacking :ph34r: As mentioned in other posts, there are two plugs on the outlanders, a front and rear to power...
  15. Outlander discussion
    Newbie here... I noticed some "belt slip" over the last couple of days and decided to replace the stock unit with a new HD belt (as used on the Maverick) and service the clutches. However, to my surprise, I found oil in my CVT (oil and oily residue on the inside of my CVT cover, oil covered...
  16. Outlander discussion
    My 2014 XMR has a loud popping noise after every bump I got over or turning the wheel. I have less than 10 miles on the bike.
  17. General Can-Am ATV
    So I go into water just above the cvt and after awhile you can tell the belt slips a little. When I go through thick bog mud, it gets really bad because of the intense strain. I opened it up, and there is no mud or dirt in it, but one can tell that there is water getting in.
  18. General discussion
    So our son Allan, who some of you may know as Yellowknife from DooTalk, came to visit for a week in June. His trip was memorialized on Youtube, as always... His videos have quite the following, and here's the real thing.
1-18 of 18 Results