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  1. ATV Parts
    Missed the window to return this waiting on my machine for 9 months. I got the X RC that comes with a winch. New in box!
    $380 USD
  2. ATV Parts
    Sold my 2013 Renegade and found some extra parts in the garage Prices in Canadian Dollars (extra cheap for US buyers, lol) Stock welded front bumper (line-xd), taken off shortly after I bought the quad, perfect shape, no dents, bends or dings. $135 (Can am part # 705004993 MSRP $335.99) Winch...
  3. Renegade discussion
    Hey I have a renegade 500,2010 with 27" mega mayhems. I have been hearing a loud clicking when I hit the throttle. Its in the clutch. Normal? Or how to fix? Also I bought a 3000lb super winch and was wondering if it will fit stock? If not what's best way to make it fit? New bumper? Bracket?
1-3 of 3 Results