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  1. Outlander discussion
    I want to upgrade to 6 ply tires for my bone stock 2015 Can Am Outlander 800R XT but have a few questions...What size Maxxis Zillas for the stock rims? I want to try to keep the same size as the stock Carlisles so I don't have to mod the clutch or anything. I don't think Maxxis Zillas come in...
  2. Outlander discussion
    Right now I have 25x8x12 and 25x11x12 on my 2012 Outlander 400. Looking to move up to 26" tires. Can I do that without having to add spacers, clutch kit, etc?
  3. Renegade discussion
    Just wondering if there is an actual difference in these 2 tires. I did notice on the ITP website there is a different number for the oem parts number vs. there tire staright from ITP. Anyone have any info on this? Just purchased a set of these 26" for extra ground clearance, less spin and...
  4. Outlander discussion
    Hey everyone, So I have a 2014 1k xtp and Its been running 28" skinny/wide outlaws for the last 300 miles (400 in total), and in the last 100 miles I noticed that my front end literally does a wobble (wave effect) when riding at anything above 40mph. I went over the drive line and steering and...
  5. Tire Talk
    I purchased a 2012 Polaris HO for friends & family to ride at my property. I was asking my Can Am tech about running taller tires, he said I should be prepared to start breaking axles if I do. I know I would not be the first to do this, so what should I expect please? Thanks in advance...
  6. Outlander discussion
    Hey everyone, I am running a 2013 650 outty with a Dalton DBO650 kit and 28 skinny wide zillas. I am looking to upgrade to a more aggressive tire. I am thinking of a set of 28 inch OL1's skinnies all the way around. I know they are conciderably heavier but for what I do the zillas are more than...
  7. ATV Parts
    2 - Kenda Bear Claw HTR 26x11x14 for $250 shipped to lower 48 ($265 to Canada), shipping will be through UPS. If you want to use another carrier it will be at your expense. Brand new and never mounted, I want to go with 26x9x14s all around and need to sell these first. You can look on my Ebay...
  8. Tire Talk
    Hey guys, I have been searching for some time now and have not found any answers to my questions. So, on a 2014 Outlander Max 1000 XT do I have to trim the fenders to add a set of outlaw or similar tires? I was looking to go with a 28" Outlaw or Outlaw2, but I would rather not have to cut into...
  9. ATV Parts
    Set of 4 mud tires for sale or trade. 30x10x14 moto monsters, 90% tread left. Near charlotte NC. Pics on request. Looking for 425.00 cash or trade for less aggressive tires/wheels.
  10. Outlander discussion
    Best tires for Outlander?What is your choice all around tire for your Outlander?ITP Terracross45.00%Maxxis bighorn2025.00%ITP Mud Lite XTR911.25%Maxis Mudzilla22.50%OEM Carlesle ACT67.50%Other?3948.75%
  11. Renegade discussion
    What size tires can I fit on my reny with a 2 inch lift but I don't want to cut fenders
  12. Tire Talk
    I bought the CST ABUZZ tires on 25'' Before I made up my mind I was looking at a lot of tires and did a lot of research and ended up to decide between these 4: Maxxis Bighorn Maxxis Bighorn 2.0 CST Abuzz ITP Terracross I ride pretty much on rocks, and hard terrain, even on asphalt, a few mud...
  13. ATV Parts
    Take delivery this Monday. Quad is brand new 0 miles on rims and tires. Thinking of selling and getting larger wheels and tires. Make offer if interested. Location is buffalo ny 14068. Email me with you're offer at [email protected]
  14. ATV Parts
    Just got me some zillas put on with some new MSA's so selling my stock beadlocks and the ITP Holeshots that came on them from factory. I switched them out at my 10 hr service, and they only have 40 miles on them, trail riding, nothing fast and furious as I kinda babied it for the first 10 hours...
  15. Outlander discussion
    Hey all, I'm somewhat new to the sport and I've just bought my first bike ever! It's a viper red '09 Outlander XT 800R and I can't wait to get out! I have some amazing trails through bottomless skeg, thick mud, woodland, and prairie literally a 2 minute drive from my front door. Jealous...
  16. ATV Parts
    I have four ITP Mud Lite Tires that I had on my Outlander Max that we traded in on our Commander. Front are 26X9-12 6 ply Rear are 26X12-12 6 ply $200.00 Pickup only I will not ship. I am in Princeton Minnesota. kurtsara1800 at
  17. Outlander discussion
    Just wondering if 29.5 Outlaws will fit on my 2011 Outy Max without lifting it.
1-17 of 17 Results