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  1. General Can-Am ATV
    I got a 2013 can am renegade 1000 and took it in the creek and the next day started up just fine and popped up “brake” on the display. After a minute it finally turned off and went to normal so I went for a drive to wash it and all of a sudden my display went away completely and now it is...
  2. Tech Talk and How To
    Just got my Gade back from servicing, and she was smoking after a quick drive up and down the street (see picture below, tried to upload the video but it failed). I sent the video to the dealer and they said it's normal because of the cold weather and will gradually be less. I've had her since...
  3. Renegade discussion
    Anyone know if the LinQ base plate being sold for the G2 Models will fit on my 2011 Renegade G1 model? Thanks in advance!
  4. Renegade discussion
    So I’m having trouble with my renegade struggling to turn over hot or cold and dying out soon after it turns over I have replaced the spark plugs and wires fuel pump starter and starter relay and all the fuses and battery have got closer but still have the problem
  5. Renegade discussion
    Bike cranks right up every time. Will Rev all the way to 7k rpm in park and neutral. When put into any gear, it loses massive power. Still moves in gear but not like it should. I've exhausted 5 pages of Google search trying to solve this.
  6. Outlander discussion
    Just bought a new oem radiator fan for my 09 outty 800. No snorkles, radiator in stock location. It came with a vent hose, so I routed it up to the pod with the rest of the vent tubes.After one ride, a very wet ride mind you....I see moisture in the vent tube, kinda like it wants to be routed...
  7. ATVs
    For sale: Rick Cecco 2011 outlander 840. Purchased in May 2013 from Rick Cecco Can be found under 2011 Race Build (under Race talk forums section) 2146 miles, 130 hours This quad was raced very little by Rick and I have never raced it in a hare scramble since purchasing it. Just don't ride...
  8. ATV Parts
    Sold I took this snorkel kit off from my 07 Renegade, kit is used but comes with everything as it did from the Snorkel Your ATV website including instructions. I am even including the dash pod that was on my quad so the holes are already pre-drilled and ready to go...
  9. Renegade discussion
    New to the forum and searched through the threads but everything was a couple years old. Looking to get some input on some simple mods without spending a fortune. Bike is currently completely stock other than a dalton clutch kit. I'm looking for some simple mods under $2000 usd to give me...
  10. ATVs
    I am selling a 2012 Can Am Renegade 800 XXC that is race ready. It has 120 Engine hours and 1672 miles on it. It was Robert Smith's 2012 GNCC Pro race quad and still has many of the original race parts that were installed by BNR racing. I have changed the oil after every other race and the air...
  11. ATV Parts
    Came off of my 2009 renegade. Should fit all gen 1s as well as outlander. Great Condition. Has 5 blade angle adjustments. $200. Pick up only
  12. ATVs
    I'm selling my 2011 Renegade with power steering. It has full Fox shocks (rebuilt by FCR with 10 hrs. on them), HRE guessetted frame, full Big Gun exhaust, 840 kit from Jeff Ross, Rath front bumper, full Ricochet skid plates, Quad Tech seat cover, OEM beadlocks with GBC Dirt Commanders, rear...
  13. ATVs
    Looking for a rolling chassis or blowed up Gen1 bike. I would prefer a Renegade. Location Panama city FL. Will drive or meet. Call or text 850 643 7196
  14. Renegade discussion
    Hello all, I'm rebuilding my rear diff and having a heck of a time getting the stupid pinion roller bearing out. Any advice on how this thing comes out? Also, my solution for the pinion spanner socket was to buy a 3/4 inch drive socket that had a 45mm outside diameter and weld some key stock...
  15. ATV Parts
    I have 4 15" MSA rims with chrome center caps (NO TIRES) with Can-am bolt pattern 4x137 DOT approved so you can get street legal They have a few scratches (see pic for worst one) $350 WILL SHIP FOR FREE!!!!! Which is not cheap! Located in Denver
  16. Renegade discussion
    Hello All, I recently purchased an Eagle plow and belly mount push tube at a going out of business sale for 75% off the retail price. Only thing they didn't have in stock was a mount for my machine. According to the information that the manufacturer has on their website, they only carry a mount...
  17. Renegade discussion
    Greetings! Our filming crew has made a new and exciting video about a race between Can am Renegades (800/800R) vs KTM EXC 530R and Husqvarna TC 450. Thanks to our sponsors: / / Comment, rate and subscribe :)
  18. Photos and Videos
    Found a muskeg field on a friends new property.
  19. Renegade discussion
    i purchased my 800 renegade used with 4900km on it. i changed all the fluids in the bike and also bought a K&N air filter and a HMF performance exhaust. i made my airbox hole a little bigger and when i took it riding for the first time it went into limp mode about 30 mins in of riding. so i took...
  20. Renegade discussion
    What size tires can I fit on my reny with a 2 inch lift but I don't want to cut fenders
1-20 of 42 Results