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  1. ATVs
    Nice renegade here! Ready to step up to a 1000xxc. I so cant wait that I priced this LOW for quick sale. Has 14xx miles and 20x hours. Winch, rear rack, tow hitch, grips, ITP SS rims and Mud Lite tires (5). Brand new belt, fresh plugs and oil, brand new oem clutch makes this mechanically 100%...
  2. Renegade discussion
    Im 195lbs and ride very aggressively. I have all types of terrain from tight root/rutted woods trails to open power lines that are washed and rutted. Ive flown it over 80' so jumps...yeah we do that too. Anyway with this x suspension package, I expect or would like this baby to handle like a...
1-2 of 2 Results