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  1. ATV Parts
    LinQ 32 gallon trunk box for outlander max for sale. Also have one for the standard non max model New take off pm me. thanks $300
  2. Outlander discussion
    My first upgrade to the XMR was a snow plow. When the wife finally gave me spending authorization, I purchased a full set of Ricochet skid plates. So the next question that popped up was how in the heck do I mount the snow plow with skid plates. Again after some digging in forums, it seems...
  3. Outlander discussion
    I looked through the service manual and it wasn't blatantly obvious where these things are located. I also used my Google Foo against numerous forums which helped but my focus was lacking :ph34r: As mentioned in other posts, there are two plugs on the outlanders, a front and rear to power...
  4. Outlander discussion
    Hi, I'm new to this forum and don't know much .. yet. I have a 2011 Outlander Max LTD, I bought it used and the dealer said the transmission was replaced along with the clutch and belt. They said the new clutch (high altitude) would take about 40-50 miles to break in. I thought that is what...
  5. Outlander discussion
    Hello all I am new here and new to ATVing. I just picked up a 2008 Outlander Max 500 Looking forward to taking her out!! Lots of Good info on here I am reading.
1-5 of 5 Results