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  1. DS discussion
    my first post here - so i am a apologies in advance. my son wants to add on LED lights to his 2014 can-am ds 250. He tried 14 volt LED lights that came with a seperate wiring harness ( on off switch ) - positive to red and black to negative direct to battery. It worked until it...
  2. Outlander discussion
    Putting a set of Rigid LED driving lights on my 2013 Outlander, how did everyone else go about tying in auxiliary lighting?? Tie in with the high beams, where is a good spot to do that? Keep them separate and go with a separate switch? Any and all ideas and variations welcome! Thanks in advance!
  3. HID

    Renegade discussion
    From what I have been reading the Hid head lights are really nice and bright, but people have been complaining that they don't last long... I was just wondering if any one had HID headlights and ended up going back to the stock headlights.
1-4 of 4 Results