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  1. Outlander discussion
    some measurements of the front headlights and faux headlight, as well as rack down to body panel for light bar clearance. all measurements are in inches, multiple by 25.4 to get millimeters. if someone finds a nice set of halos or sealed LEDs that would fit please post. been looking on ebay...
  2. DS discussion
    my first post here - so i am a apologies in advance. my son wants to add on LED lights to his 2014 can-am ds 250. He tried 14 volt LED lights that came with a seperate wiring harness ( on off switch ) - positive to red and black to negative direct to battery. It worked until it...
  3. Renegade discussion
    I have recently perched a 2013 renegade xxc, and I want to do a series of upgrades to it. first I want to up grade the lights. the first day I rode it it was gloomy out and I couldn't see as well as I wanted to. the other upgrade is extending the fenders, because I was covered in mud after...
1-4 of 4 Results