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  1. NH
    Little over a month to go and the GNWR ATV Trails close up for the 2019 season. Get your riding in. As it will be snowing around here soon.;-) Great North Woods Riders ATV Club and 3 others shared a post. NH Bureau of Trails - Trail Notifications & Club Info 19 hrs · Please note the...
  2. NH
    Great North Woods ATV Club to host a poker run, BBQ & ATV Blessing on Saturday May 24, 2014 - starting at 10am at the clubhouse near the old Yamaha dealer. Visit the facebook page at Great North Woods Riders ATV Club.
  3. NH
    There have been lots of questions reference trail closings so here is a summary as we know them now: The Great North Woods ATV Club (Pittsburg/Clarksville/and part of Stewartstown) closes September 30; the Metallak System closes October 15; and the reminder of the system stays open until...
  4. NH
    BLESSING OF THE ATVS, POKER RUN The Great North Woods Riders ATV club of Pittsburg is kicking off the riding season on Saturday, May 25, with a poker run and ATV blessing in Pittsburg. A blessing of the ATV's will be held at the Yamaha lot north of Pittsburg village start- ing at 9:30 a.m...
  5. NH
    Pittsburg NH ATV trail system aka Great North Woods is reporting that the trail system will open on May 25 and on May 26, 2013. Additionally the Great North Woods will host a BBQ at noon at the club shed located on Farr Rd by the Yamaha shophttp: Get your club membership today... Visit the...
1-5 of 5 Results