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  1. ATV Parts
    Looking for a stock outlander G2 muffler to fit a 800/1000. Needed asap. Thanks, Bobby
  2. Want to Buy
    Looking for a stock muffler/can only for my 2011 renegade 800. Lmk. Thank,John [email protected]
  3. ATV Parts
    I have an LTE full dual exhaust system for Sale. Black cannisters. $500 587-434-5128 [email protected]
  4. ATV Parts
    Here is an Intake made my Ron Woods and a stock brand neww mullfer off a 2010-2011800 XXC And already listed is another pic of the HMF swamp series Muffler - I will seperate the full system stainless pipe , from the muffler - in case somebody wants the full system pipes but wants a...
  5. ATV Parts
    I have a Full system stainless HMF Pipe and swamp seriers muffler for sale for a G1 enegade Best offer for now . This Pipe has 14 races on it and a few trail miles and the Swamp pipe never ever needs re packing . I love it but i bought another set up and i have three of these so it time to...
  6. Outlander discussion
    Hi all new to this forum. I have serious issues and I need help. I installed an awakens performance mega power pipe super trapp silencer on my 2012 Can Am outlander 800R XT and it melted the back end. Now I need a new LH rear fender, cargo box, cargo box cover, cargo lid and rear brush bar...
1-6 of 6 Results