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  1. Outlander discussion
    I have a 2018 outlander xt and it has about 200 miles on it with 24 hours. When idle or going pretty slow (under 10 mph) when I press down decently hard on the throttle theres a slight hesitation like about a second until it feels like it gives it much gas. It still speeds up during that second...
  2. DS discussion
    Hello. I’ve got a 2008 ds450 and My clutch blew up and decided to take a little bit of the crankcase with it. Someone near me has a 2013 motor and I was wondering if I can do the swap. Will I need his swing arm?
  3. Renegade discussion
    So i need some help with a diagnosis of an ongoing problem. I will try to give some good facts. Machine is a 2009 renegade 800. 1. Starting it and it staying running is a big problem. Starter kicks over but it stalls immediately. Have to rev to keep it going and rev it and rev it. 2...
  4. Outlander discussion
    Hi ! Last weekend I went for a ride and got into a hard situation... I had to winch myself up on a almost 90 degree short hill. The terrain was muddy. To help the winch pull the atv up the hill I tried to help with acceleration. I felt a little bit of clutch smell but i didn't worried about it...
  5. Renegade discussion
    I have a 2008 renegade 800x no mods. Bought it new in 08. When I purchased the bike it would do 78-79mph down hill on the pavement. It has about 4500miles on it now and will do 74mph no matter what the situation is. I've tried a new belt and different tires but still the same 74mph either way...
1-5 of 5 Results