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  1. Tech Talk and How To
    We have an 08 Outlander XT MAX 500. Bought a 10" LED light bar which I would like to add to the back of the quad. I've made bracket so it can swivel 360. Anyways, the issue we have it how to properly wire this. When I initially tested this just on the side it was working briefly but then...
  2. Outlander discussion
    Hi ! I have a 2012 G1 outlander 650 and about a month ago I went riding on the mountain Semenic in Romania. The trail took us more time than expected and the night caught us in the forest. When we had about two more hours to the cars it stopped in the middle of the forest. When I switched the...
  3. Renegade discussion
    On a recent ride on my 08 800 renegade I had some electrical problems. My lights would not come on, my 4 wheel drive would not engage, and my fan would not work. After reading a few forums they helped me figure out it might be the fuse box in the back of the bike, near the battery. That's...
1-3 of 3 Results