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  1. DS discussion
    I have a ds250 has spark won’t start thought carb issue , cleaned 3 times question on valves stuck or timing offf any tips
  2. DS discussion
    my first post here - so i am a apologies in advance. my son wants to add on LED lights to his 2014 can-am ds 250. He tried 14 volt LED lights that came with a seperate wiring harness ( on off switch ) - positive to red and black to negative direct to battery. It worked until it...
  3. DS discussion
    I was putting a tether switch on my daughters DS250, I had it hooked up with the machine running and I pulled the tether tho test, it worked perfectly shutting off the machine, plugged the tether back in to re start the machine and the nothing... The neutral light isn't on and it won't turn over...
  4. DS discussion
    Okay, I've searched virtually all forums for the answer and found little specifics on this: I want to change my front sprocket to the 14t. What is a part number that I can look up and search on either ebay or Amazon or some other site. If not a part number, than to what cross referenced other...
1-4 of 4 Results