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  1. DS discussion
    Hello, just purchased a 2012 DS 250 for my 13 yo daughter. Couple questions. Anyone have info on how to check valve clearance? What clearance should be? Anyone see issues with valves? - I cannot find too much on adjusting/setting valve clearance on these machine. Is it because they are not...
  2. General Can-Am ATV
    Ok I need some assistance here. I changed my oil, gear box oil successfully. I also drained out something that looked and like honey. I believe this fluid is to the transmission/CVT. I can’t find anywhere in the manual where it states what type of fluid to add and how much. Any help is...
  3. General Can-Am ATV
    really need some help iv got a can am ds 250 ,about a year ago I was out with a few friends and it just dyed (no spark) so after a bit of investigation found out id blown the cdi unit so it sat in the garage collecting dust so a few weeks ago I finaly pulled m finger out and got a new cdi unit...
1-3 of 3 Results