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  1. NH
    January 5, 2020 From the GNWR Secretary HB 683 has been amended, but it still has many bad provisions.. It is URGENT you contact your Representative TODAY to VOTE NO on HB 683. The point to focus on when calling or emailing is that this bill is unnecessary and would hurt OHRV riding...
  2. NH
    METALLAK ATV CLUB LOCATED IN COLEBROOK NH - COOS COUNTY TO HOLD A STEAK FEED AND RIDE IN On Saturday August 24, 2013. On Saturday August 24th the METALLAK ATV Club will be holding a club Steak Feed at Diamond Peaks Store on Rt. 26 in Colebrook between 3 and 6pm. The cost is $18 per...
  3. NH
    As printed in the The News & Sentinel electronic edition dated July 24, 2013 State Announce Opening of Highways to ATV Travel around Coös County In an effort to enable ATV riders to reach fuel, lodging and restaurants in Coös County, Governor Hassan and the New Hampshire Bureau of Trails...
1-3 of 3 Results