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  1. Outlander discussion
    Trying to get the primary clutch bolt out with no success. -Broke a clutch holding tool while using a breaker bar to loosen -Cordless 20 volt impact will not loosen it. -Air impact at 125 pounds will not loosen it. (Pancake compressor) Lefty loosen threads. Any ideas? Don’t want to break...
  2. General Can-Am ATV
    I have an opportunity to purchase a used QSC Clutch from a close friend. He sold his 800R Outlander G2 model but took the clutch off of it. I have a 2011 Can Am 800R XXC. It is a 2011 G1 Outlander XXC (these were only made for a couple of years and is really Renegades under the plastic)...
  3. DS discussion
    Hi all I have a DS650x year 2005 and what's happening is if i stall it or sometimes when I'm coming up to traffic lights the bike wont shift to neutral. I have to get off it and rock it back and fourth which is hard work and try multiple time to try to get it into neutral so i can start it...
  4. Outlander discussion
    Just wondering what springs would be included with 1000 outlander qsc spring and weight kit. I installed it already but I don't feel like pulling it apart until I have replacement springs. Anyone know the rates of the springs?
  5. Outlander discussion
    I just purchased a 2010 Outlander Max XT 650 with 1100 miles on it. When starting away easy it gives quite a " Jerk" not smooth. I was reading a while ago that by replacing the clutch springs with that of a 500 and 1000 that it would be better for trail driving. Problem is I can't find the...
  6. General Can-Am ATV
    So I am trying to remove a cv clutch that went out on my Can am. Was installed by Air dam. Ok, so I made a home made puller based on the exact dimensions listed in a previous forum. Basically I used A 14mm x 80 mm bolt and a 3/8 bolt with the head cut off 3.5 inches long. See pic. The...
  7. Renegade discussion
    Hey I have a renegade 500,2010 with 27" mega mayhems. I have been hearing a loud clicking when I hit the throttle. Its in the clutch. Normal? Or how to fix? Also I bought a 3000lb super winch and was wondering if it will fit stock? If not what's best way to make it fit? New bumper? Bracket?
  8. Renegade discussion
    I have a 2008 renegade 800x no mods. Bought it new in 08. When I purchased the bike it would do 78-79mph down hill on the pavement. It has about 4500miles on it now and will do 74mph no matter what the situation is. I've tried a new belt and different tires but still the same 74mph either way...
  9. Outlander discussion
    I will be buying a 2013 1000 Outlander Max XT in a few months. I really want to get 29.5 Outlaw 1's on Elixer 12" rims for the quad. Will i need clutching right away or will the stock setup work? From what i can find the Xmr has only stock clutches in it too..
1-9 of 9 Results