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  1. DS discussion
    Hello, just purchased a 2012 DS 250 for my 13 yo daughter. Couple questions. Anyone have info on how to check valve clearance? What clearance should be? Anyone see issues with valves? - I cannot find too much on adjusting/setting valve clearance on these machine. Is it because they are not...
  2. Outlander discussion
    Hi, Have 2005 400 XT. Works fine when idle, but dies when throttle. Se link Have not changed anything yet. Did see a post where the jets was the problem. Any ideas...
  3. DS discussion
    In stead of sticking $40 plus into rejetting the OEM carb that no one can find information on, I was thinking of swapping carbs. It currently has a 23mm carb and I would like to increase that to a 28mm or 30mm. I thought this may be better than increasing jet sizes. When I look up carb sizes...
  4. DS discussion
    Anyone out there try the 6 Sigma or the Dynojet kit for their DS250 yet? I have a stock bike other than removing the carb limiter & smog unit, clutching it, and a few other simple things. I was wondering if this would produce any performance gains for the $40.
1-4 of 4 Results