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  1. Maverick General Discussion
    Canam won't start the lights turn on and everything else works. Notice it started doing this after we install 6 more Rock lights to it.
  2. Clutching
    Hello all, so I recently bought a used 2014 canam outlander 650. The other day I went to go shift into reverse and broke the mount on the side, I got it replaced and everything and my bike will not shift, me and my pops both tried everything in our power to get it to shift. The display says it’s...
  3. Outlander discussion
    MY YOUTUBE PAGE. . . . .
  4. Maverick General Discussion This information will assist you with fully utilizing the high-quality shocks on your Maverick X ds. Here is an overview 1 of available adjustments. This example list of shock settings is representative of a 2 setup used by a driver in dunes...
  5. Renegade discussion
    What size tires can I fit on my reny with a 2 inch lift but I don't want to cut fenders
  6. ATV Parts
    For Sale fuel monster, never used still in the box. $350 obo. Located in SK, will ship anywhere at buyers expense. Also Tune Monster used once to tune a quad then removed went alternate route, looks like new, never seen water. $600. Also have auto tune set up but would like to sell it as a...
  7. Renegade discussion
    Hey I have a renegade 500,2010 with 27" mega mayhems. I have been hearing a loud clicking when I hit the throttle. Its in the clutch. Normal? Or how to fix? Also I bought a 3000lb super winch and was wondering if it will fit stock? If not what's best way to make it fit? New bumper? Bracket?
  8. DS discussion
    I have a stock 2008 DS450x that has VERY little hours on it. I can count the amount of tanks of gas been put into it on 2 hands... Haven't had an issue with it at all until the other night, when I was night riding. I never submerged it, just ran through some puddles, nothing big at all, not...
1-8 of 8 Results