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  1. ATV Parts
    This item does not fit my model as it said it did on the dynojet website. I figured out that everything connects up except to the TPS sensor. I paid 482$ with tax and all and it is brand new just opened box. I was selling for 425$ But I am in need of money and will sell for 350$ through PayPal...
    $350 USD
  2. General Can-Am ATV
    Was riding my 650 outlander last weekend, was working great, then I stopped to chat with a friend, and i left the quad in gear and was still running, but when I went to leave it would just rev up. I was on a bit of a slope, i put it in reverse and went to the level ground. I was then able to put...
  3. Outlander discussion
    Hey my can am outlander is making a clunking sound when I decelerate i just replaced my u joints and blew a belt when it started making this sound
  4. ATV Parts
    Sold I took this snorkel kit off from my 07 Renegade, kit is used but comes with everything as it did from the Snorkel Your ATV website including instructions. I am even including the dash pod that was on my quad so the holes are already pre-drilled and ready to go...
  5. Outlander discussion
    Hi ! I have a 2012 G1 outlander 650 and about a month ago I went riding on the mountain Semenic in Romania. The trail took us more time than expected and the night caught us in the forest. When we had about two more hours to the cars it stopped in the middle of the forest. When I switched the...
  6. ATV Parts
    In GREAT shape and pretty much like new! Removed when ATV had only ~85 mi on. Will fit most all G2 chassis Outlanders. Includes all factory decals. FREE shipping to lower 48. $225 Paypal accepted.
  7. Outlander discussion
    Hi ! I just found out about my rear swing arm problem. I think is that bearing inside, but I want to know more opinions before I start buying parts. You can see the problem in this video :
  8. Outlander discussion
    Hi ! Last week I was on a short trip and next day when I was washing the atv, I found that something is missing. Can anybody tell me what it is ? The ATV is a 2012 G1 Outlander 650 Sorry for the bad englisch.
  9. Outlander discussion
    Does anyone know the color code for the Gen 1 Outlander from the photo below ? (It was new at that time)
  10. Outlander discussion
    Hi ! I know that this may be a silly question, but I want to order a cooling fan for my 2012 can am outlander 650 from USA to Romania and i want to make sure that it will fit because it takes 2 to 4 weeks to arrive . I found this for a good price and shipment, but I can't find the 2012 model...
  11. Photos and Videos
    Found a muskeg field on a friends new property.
  12. Renegade discussion
    Greetings from Latvia! :) Check out our video:
  13. ATV Parts
    For Sale fuel monster, never used still in the box. $350 obo. Located in SK, will ship anywhere at buyers expense. Also Tune Monster used once to tune a quad then removed went alternate route, looks like new, never seen water. $600. Also have auto tune set up but would like to sell it as a...
  14. General Can-Am ATV
    Hello, so I am having a clutch slipping issue with my renegade 800xxc, not to sure if its just cause its brand new and the belt needs to be ran a little or what. The quad its self is brand new maybe 2km on it, I have a few little mods done to it such as a HMF exhaust, twin air filter, 27 inch...
  15. ATV Parts
    Just got me some zillas put on with some new MSA's so selling my stock beadlocks and the ITP Holeshots that came on them from factory. I switched them out at my 10 hr service, and they only have 40 miles on them, trail riding, nothing fast and furious as I kinda babied it for the first 10 hours...
1-16 of 16 Results