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  1. Outlander discussion
    Hey everyone. I was out putting some km's off trail on the 2011 XMR 800 and had a great day. I must mention that the engine light came on a couple times with a low oil code. I checked it and the oil was overfilled. Not sure why this happened because it didn't smell like gas and was fine before...
  2. Outlander discussion
    Hi ! Last week I was on a short trip and next day when I was washing the atv, I found that something is missing. Can anybody tell me what it is ? The ATV is a 2012 G1 Outlander 650 Sorry for the bad englisch.
  3. Outlander discussion
    Does anyone know the color code for the Gen 1 Outlander from the photo below ? (It was new at that time)
  4. General Can-Am ATV
    I'm just letting everyone here know about these passenger footrests for ATV's we just bought and they work awesome and way cheaper than the big metal ones!
  5. Photos and Videos
    Found a muskeg field on a friends new property.
  6. Renegade discussion
    I just bought my 500 a few weeks ago and its top speed was aroudd 65 and didnt seem to struggle to much getting there, now i have noticed it is only getting to around 59-60 and that is completely maxed for a while before it its there, switched to the tac on screen and noticed i am getting a max...
  7. NH
    As printed in the The News & Sentinel electronic edition dated July 24, 2013 State Announce Opening of Highways to ATV Travel around Coös County In an effort to enable ATV riders to reach fuel, lodging and restaurants in Coös County, Governor Hassan and the New Hampshire Bureau of Trails...
  8. NH
    Pittsburg NH ATV trail system aka Great North Woods is reporting that the trail system will open on May 25 and on May 26, 2013. Additionally the Great North Woods will host a BBQ at noon at the club shed located on Farr Rd by the Yamaha shophttp: Get your club membership today... Visit the...
  9. ATV Parts
    I have a set of (four) Apache tracks by BRP, for sale, in great shape. I used these on my 800 Outlander in my own woods trails. I bought a SkiDoo touring sled and so last Fall sold the ATV since it was no longer getting enough use ( I also own sport quads for summer use). So the tracks are...
  10. Alberta
    We will be holding our 300' dirt drags once again on May 26th at Henry's Hideaway (aprox. 1 hr. Northwest of Edmonton). We have a 4 lane track with lights giving et, reaction time, top speed and 60 foot time. There is classes for evey machine from mild to wild. Under 750 751-800 (includes...
1-10 of 10 Results