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  1. Tire Talk
    Hey guys, I have been searching for some time now and have not found any answers to my questions. So, on a 2014 Outlander Max 1000 XT do I have to trim the fenders to add a set of outlaw or similar tires? I was looking to go with a 28" Outlaw or Outlaw2, but I would rather not have to cut into...
  2. NH
    Great North Woods ATV CLub Upcoming 2014 Scheduled events 5/23 is the opening of our trails (weather permitting) 5/24 ATV Blessing, Poker run and BBQ. Blessing starting at 9:30 at the Yamaha shop Farr Rd/Back Lake Rd. Poker run 10am-2pm 7/19 ATV Obstacle course starts at 10am Back Lake Rd...
  3. Outlander discussion
    My 2014 XMR has a loud popping noise after every bump I got over or turning the wheel. I have less than 10 miles on the bike.
1-3 of 3 Results