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  1. Tech Talk and How To
    Just got my Gade back from servicing, and she was smoking after a quick drive up and down the street (see picture below, tried to upload the video but it failed). I sent the video to the dealer and they said it's normal because of the cold weather and will gradually be less. I've had her since...
  2. Outlander discussion
    Hi everyone, i'm looking to put a plow on my '14 Max 1K. Originally i was going to get the 60" plow with extensions, but i see they have a 72" version for the commanders. i'm told it will fit, but i was wondering if anyone had any experience on this or had opinions about this plan. i know have...
  3. ATV Parts
    Rear right fender and rear rack for sale. Minor scratches from crate damage pm for details.
  4. Renegade discussion
    Just got my first ever Can Am home and went for a small ride around the field. Ran in L for a few minutes due to terrain and then stopped and switched to H and started off normal, it sounded like it was struggling to change gears and then a loud pop and gear change to 2nd. This has not happened...
  5. Outlander discussion
    Hey guys I'm looking for some help. I have a 2014 xmr 1000 that's not reading the coolant temp. So my fan doesn't kick in when it's hot causing it to overheat, throwing it into limp mode. I did a scan and the buds says the only active fault was damaged DPS pins or damaged circuit wires. My...
  6. Outlander discussion
    Just wondering what springs would be included with 1000 outlander qsc spring and weight kit. I installed it already but I don't feel like pulling it apart until I have replacement springs. Anyone know the rates of the springs?
  7. Outlander discussion
    Hey everyone, So I have a 2014 1k xtp and Its been running 28" skinny/wide outlaws for the last 300 miles (400 in total), and in the last 100 miles I noticed that my front end literally does a wobble (wave effect) when riding at anything above 40mph. I went over the drive line and steering and...
  8. General Can-Am ATV
    Hey guys, new to can-am talk but a regular on dootalk. I'm in the market for a quad just not sure what to buy, currently just have a 2008 650 outlander farm quad. Im looking at either a 2009 outlander 800 done up with 29.5 outlaws, rims, exhaust, clutched, rad relocate and snorkeled, with only...
1-8 of 8 Results